once upon a time...

once upon a time...

Once Upon a Time…

In 2011, there were two women who cooked up their dream fitness experience.  There would be women seeking intense, great work-outs, but also an escape for some ‘me time’.  The work-outs would be challenging, pushing women outside of their comfort zone – but the feeling would be a tight-knit community of support.  Most importantly, it would be a feeling of coming home and … finding yourself.  Finding your Moxie.

Moxie started, literally, on a playground, with twenty inspiring and crazy women, willing to work while the sun came up – rain or shine.  We’ve worked out at golf courses, Tae Kwon Do studios, parks, dam stairs, the local reservoir … we’ve been everywhere.

Moxie’s home is inside Ciccone Family Fitness, where our private studio is always starting base.  Moxie Fit believes in the community of women and keeping things interesting.

Our instructors
Rachel – founder, owner, and instructor – started her fitness journey after her baby turned one.  That was seven years ago and here she is, still loving a great work-out, trying new ideas, and keeping Moxie running.  In her real life she is a mom, wife, and full-time college administrator.

Missy – original Moxie crew member who joined the team in 2013.  An AFFA certified group fitness instructor and our Body Shred trainer, Missy brings her competitiveness to all her classes.

Betsy – joined us as a client from way back when, with running half marathons, marathon, and much more in her background.  Betsy loves a great playlist and keeps ladies on their toes with her precise form and early morning sense of humor.

Criss – a former random Saturday Moxie chick, her heart beats faster for kick-boxing and kettlebells.  Criss brings her personal touch to work-outs by keeping things mixed up, interesting, and magical.


Everyone's welcome at Moxie fitness center

Young or old. Fit or unfit. It's all good. We love helping our members to be active.