say it loud, say it proud...

say it loud, say it proud...

HOLLA! Real shout-outs from real clients.

*Names may have been altered to protect the identities of our fabulous clients.

I hate the gym – it’s a sweaty meat market, packed with complicated machines. I love being outside and am just fine getting my run on; but truthfully, I do get a bit bored with the monotony of it. I’ve always been looking for some type of workout that would grab and hold my attention, and that’s when I found Moxie. There isn’t just one thing that makes Moxie so great, it’s a combination of many fabulous positives, like: working out in the great outdoors, the always changing and ever demanding WOD, Karen and Rachel’s motivating whoop-whoops as you are sweating it out, the natural high you get from pushing your limits, feeling strong and getting stronger, the other amazing women around me who push it every class, and oh yeah, one more little thing (a pretty darn good reason) the fact that I’m actually seeing and feeling results! All I know is that I’ve finally found the right type of workout for me – and Moxie Fit is it!


I just want to say ‘thank you,’ for today I put on a bathing suit, went to a public beach, and I was not shy. I still have more work to do but I want to thank you for your creativity and encouragement. You really do make this fun and rewarding.


Moxie is different. It’s like a family. A family, that wants to see you succeed and meet your goals. Its never boring it is always new and exciting. It’s camaraderie in fitness…
Its better then coffee 🙂
I’m so happy to see you guys growing!!!
Everybody needs a little MOXIE!!!


Moxie Fit is my motivation. The team of women that greet me bright and early to better ourselves mentally and physically as we laugh and sweat together! Our coaches couldn’t be more appropriately challenging and supportive all at the same time. I have seen a huge difference in my fitness ability and will continue to set my alarm and show up with a smile!

Lady Gaga

MOXIE FIT is for everyone & anyone looking to improve their fitness level and gain strength! I won 6 weeks worth of classes and now I am addicted!
The workouts are NEVER the same, the instructors care about you & your goals and will do everything they can to help you reach them.
Don’t worry if you think you can’t do it, Karen & Rachel always show modifications for any challenging moves.
Trust me, you won’t be sorry you signed up to be a Moxie Chick!! Go Karen & Rachel, you girls ROCK!!


Moxie Fit is almost an addiction for me!!!! I am much faster and stronger than I was when I started with the group a little over a year ago. The positive and supportive group atmosphere Karen and Rachel have created at Moxie Fit contributes to my personal success with the program. It is really the women that workout with me at Moxie Fit each morning that make it stand apart from any other exercise program I have tried. Thanks Ladies!


Everyone's welcome at Moxie fitness center

Young or old. Fit or unfit. It's all good. We love helping our members to be active.